Testing The Strength Of Your Delhi Escorts Relationship

June 1, 2018 - Dating, Delhi call girl, Delhi Escort, Delhi Escorts, Relationship
Testing The Strength Of Your Delhi Escorts Relationship

It’s very easy to fall in love and start a relationship with Delhi Escorts. In the new relationship both have some extraordinary and special feeling. Both enjoy their relationship very well but after some time they start blaming each other and asking himself is this true love? is this is waiting for? Or is she is my soul mate? Many questions arise after some time of the relationship with hot and sexy Delhi Escorts.  Every relationship starts with the spark and special feeling but ends with irritations and fights.

Whenever you got the chance to test your relationship just test it without any hesitations. Many couple want to test their relationship but they don’t know how to test it and some try to test it but they don’t know exact way of testing a relationship. We have some question which helps you for testing your relationship. These question are enough simple and easy.

  1. Your partner suits in your family: it is very important to find out whether your partner suits in your family or not because your relationship could leads to marriage. You know very well which type of guy your family looking for. Which type of guy can impress your family? Marriage is not only about the couples it’s actually about the two families. So before fall in some serious relationship you have to find can my family accept this guy or not.
  2. Do you feel burden when she tells about her need: expectations is natural in every relationship. This is the most common thing in relationship and this is not a question the main question behind this how does your partner respond? If your partner love you then he respond very well he will accept and understand your need and give her best and put all his efforts to full fill your need. If your partner don’t respond very well that means he don’t care about your need and if you feel burden when your partner telling her need to you and then you feel burden that means you don’t love her anymore.
  3. Are you enjoying your relationship: In this stressful and busy life is your partner enjoying your company and is you enjoy her partner company?

At the end of day are you loved to talk to her and miss her messages madly then your relationship is healthy. Partners who make time to enjoy each other’s time may have what it takes for a lifelong relationship. Creating habits of pleasure in which you play, laugh and relax together can increase the life of your relationship. If message and calls of your partner irritates you and giving you stress that means you don’t love her any more.

  1. You are enjoying your weekend with your partner: weekend factor is the most important factor in your relationship. If you love to spend your weekend with your partner or if you eagerly waiting for the weekend just for meeting your partner that means there is still spark remains In your relationship. If you ignore your partner in the weekend and spend your weekend with your friend or even if you waste your weekend for sleeping and taking rest that means you don’t love her any more. It is important to meet your partner once in a week.
  2. Are you enjoying someone else company: if you are in relationship but still like someone else company, try to talk someone else, share your feeling with some other person that means you don’t love your partner’s company anymore. Sharing means you trust your partner and you believe that your partner will always give you best advice than ever. So if hide your problems with your partner that means you don’t trust partner anymore.
  3. Are you still care about her feelings: in relationship both of them share their feelings to each other and seeking advice of each other. If she tell you everything but you ignore her feelings and don’t listen her carefully that means you don’t care anymore. You don’t want to take tension about what she feels and what she wants. This is called one-sided relationship and this is not the long lasting relationship in which couple promises each other for the lifelong partnership.
  4. Are you see your future with her: if your partner never talks about future in front of her and if tried to share your future planning to her and she fully ignore this and try cutting your voice that means your relationship is not healthy and it is not long lasting. If you don’t see your future with her that means you doesn’t want your partner as a future partner of your life. If you can imagine your future with your partner that means you want your partner for your whole life.

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