Why Most Relationship Fails With Sonam Desai Delhi Escorts

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Why Most Relationship Fails With Sonam Desai Delhi Escorts

Most of the couple doesn’t want the breakup but much circumstance or situation occurs that leads to breaking up. They don’t want breakup but at the end both of them want breakup.  Why relationship fails is one that has been receiving lots of attention or eyes for a very long time because there can be many reasons behind the breakup and fail of relationship. There are many factors that tell the balance of the relationship. Every couple is unique and every couple has different issues.

Also, there are many factors which determine the stability of the relationship. When you ignore these factor then things start going to be wrong.  These things are enough strong that can leads your relationship to break up. so let’s check out how many factors affecting your relationship and how many factors are the base of every successful relationship.

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Trust: Lack or loss of trust is one of the most common issues behind fails of every relationship. Basically, trust is the base or backbone of every relationship if you lose your base then you can’t survive and handle your relationship. If there is no trust in the relationship then there is no security and safety in the relationship. This is the main reason behind many relationship failures. Trust issue includes jealousy and possessiveness. If you trust on your partner in every phase of the life then your relationship will stable within your whole life.


Loyalty is also the second main reason behind the many relationship failures. Due to lack of loyalty from ones partner many relationship breaks before its ends. Loyalty is the second phase of the trust. Loyalty requires a full of faith in every relationship. Once in a whole lifetime, every relation face loyalty issue but not all come out looking stronger. It is not possible for anyone to trust unfaithful partner in a relationship. if start believing in your unfaithful partner then problems like lack of loyalty that has existed for long. In this case, your partner starts finding comfort in someone else company or hand.

  1. Communication Issues


Lack of communication and unhealthy communication can lead to relationship failure. Many studies have identified lack of communication as one of the top reasons behind many breakups. In some cases of a breakup, both people denied to talk to each other and sometimes they talk but as a formality.  Communication is the best of solving issues. When couples don’t talk to each other for very long time and still don’t care about it then issues start building and they start finding some else to share his emotions. Due to lack of communication trust and loyalty issue start rising and after this, your relationship leads to break up.  So good and healthy communication is must in every relationship. It is enough strong that it can solve many issues of your relationship.

Effort and Time

Every good relationship requires depends upon how much efforts are you giving to make your relationship strong and healthy and it is also based on how much time you are giving to your partner and your relationship. If you don’t put your proper effort and don’t give your time to your partner then it can leads breakup. You have to give your proper time and make the right amount of efforts to make your relationship strong. When you don’t give your time to pay attention to issues that can create problems to your relationship that means you are creating room for your breakup.  Without providing enough time and effort to communicate to your partner you can’t stable your relationship.

  1. Relational Abuse

Relational abuse is defined as the abusing her physically and mentally. At some phase of your relationship, you start feeling frustrating and then your start abusing your partner with your words and sometimes you’re physically. Relational abuse occurs due to feeling frustrating from each other. You don’t like each other physical appearance.  There are many types of relational abuse are present in every relationship and some of them are emotional abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse and sexual abuse.

Space and Distance


Everyone has their personal life and everyone has rights to some space. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a relationship or some kind of serious relationship everyone needs his or her own space. It’s your job to find out when your partner wants to be alone. If she wants to be alone then respect her wishes. Give your partner some distance and space whenever he or she wants. If you don’t give your partner space and distance then she starts finding her own way to make some space for ourselves.  Leave some time for the development of self-confidence and independence for your partner. Make sure you are not too close to your partner every time and don’t be too far either.

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